No more spam, advertising emails, hackers, and robot attacks. Keep your real email clean and safe. Temporary email provides temporary, secure, anonymous, and free disposable email addresses. Emails can be manually deleted on the detail page.

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To prevent abuse, each user has a limit on the number of mailbox names they can create (10 mailboxes per hour, 20 mailboxes per day). If you exceed this limit, you will not be able to receive emails during the current time period. The limit will be automatically lifted after some time. Please do not switch mailboxes frequently.

Hot Questions

Temporary anonymous email service is designed to protect your privacy. The answers to frequently asked questions will help you understand the services provided and immediately take full advantage of our convenient and completely secure service.

A temporary email is a disposable email address that can be used to receive emails without revealing your real email address.

No registration required;
Complete anonymity. Your personal information, address, and IP address will be deleted after the email usage period is over.
Instant email delivery.
Automatically generated email address. You do not need to manually select a free hostname.
The email is completely resistant to spam, hackers, and vulnerabilities attacks.

Simply enter the temporary email address into the email field when signing up for a service or website. Any emails sent to the temporary email address will be received in your temporary email inbox.

Sending emails has been completely disabled due to issues with scams and spam. We have no plans to enable the sending of emails.

You can manually delete emails on the email detail page. Emails are automatically deleted after 10 minutes on 10-minute mailboxes.

Yes, they will be displayed under your mailbox name. You can see the sender, subject, and text of the email. If an email you expect to receive does not appear on the list, click the Refresh Mail button or refresh the page.